Moroccan soldiers against the Italians: the dirtiest episode of World War II

Moroccan soldiers against Italians: the dirtiest episode of the Second World War (1939-1945). It is in this form that the atrocities of Moroccan military personnel (Gumières) during the war are considered.

Next, we will discuss in detail the behavior of these soldiers in the territory of occupied Italy and try to understand the reasons for this terrible tragedy.

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War with women

Created in 1908 from the natives of different North African states, the Moroccan Humières division was part of the French Armed Forces.

In 1943, these soldiers were sent to Italy, where they were to fight the Nazis. However, instead of fighting the enemy, they engaged in violence, looting and torture of civilians.

Due to the fact that the Moroccan soldiers began to rape the Italians everywhere, they aroused a special disgust from the whole of Italy. Their cruel and unbalanced behavior caused one of the most "dirty episodes" of the Second World War.

Later, the crimes of Moroccan soldiers entrenched in the history of Italy under the name "guerra al femminile" (war with women) or "Moroccan".

Who to judge

Italian historians, first of all, blame the French military leaders for everything that happened, because they were commanded by Moroccan soldiers.

In particular, they placed the greatest responsibility on the shoulders of General Alphonse Juen, who, on the eve of the battle on May 14, 1944, addressed the soldiers with the following words:

Soldiers! When you destroy the German invaders, before you open the land with rich houses, women and wine. In the event of a victory over the enemy, I swear to you that for the first 50 hours you will be allowed absolutely everything. No one will bring you to trial, no matter what you do!

When rumors of the atrocities of Moroccan soldiers against the Italians reached Pope Pius 12, he immediately sent a complaint to General Charles de Gaulle.

Moroccan soldiers during World War II

In it, he asked to pacify and punish all the Gumiers, as well as to introduce Christian troops into his country. However, de Gaulle replied to the Pope that "Italians, distinguished by weak morals, themselves provoke Moroccan Muslims."

An interesting fact is that a number of French officers rapists also sickened. In this regard, they tried to do everything possible to punish the perpetrators of this tragedy.

Soon, 160 criminal cases were initiated, in which 360 Moroccan soldiers appeared. However, only 15 of them managed to bring to death, while the rest of the court decided to send to forced labor.

Pierce version

American politician and writer William Pierce, who is of extreme right-wing views, in 1997 published an article entitled "Women of Monte Cassino." In it, he expressed his point of view as to why the crimes of the Moroccan Gumières went unpunished.

According to his version, the French authorities are primarily guilty of the dirtiest episode of the Second World War. Pierce is sure that the top management was well aware of the habits of his unit, but despite this, he still sent him to fight in Italy.

For everything that was done against the Italians and civilians, the Nuremberg Tribunal was deserved by both French officers and journalists who deliberately kept silent about the atrocities of Moroccan soldiers.

Judge your own

As you know, shortly after the end of the Second World War, the Nuremberg Trials began, during which Nazi criminals and all Hitler's minions were tried. When imposing death sentences on the Nazis, the judges did not consider it necessary to bring the Gumiers with their commanders to justice.

An interesting fact is that when, on July 17, 1945, Senator James Eastland publicly criticized the crimes of Moroccan soldiers in Stuttgart in the US Senate, he was simply accused of lying.

Moroccan soldier

It is worth noting that neither Britain nor the United States was profitable to begin investigations against Moroccan warriors and the leadership of France, since this country was their ally in World War II.

The matter did not get off the ground even after August 1, 1947, the Italian government sent a note of protest to the French authorities. Moreover, some French commanders said that German propaganda was to blame for wanting to defame the valiant Moroccan soldiers.

An interesting fact is that Italian activists have repeatedly advocated receiving compensation from their offenders.

The last time they raised this topic was in 2011, but the international community preferred not to notice this sad and one of the “dirtiest episodes” of the Second World War.

Moroccan Gummery

The head of the "guerra al femminile" Victims' Association, Emiliano Siotti, claims that the Moroccan warriors are guilty of 20,000 reported cases of violence.

However, in fact, this figure can be safely tripled. However, the Italian authorities do not want to disturb the past, so as not to spoil relations with EU countries.

Perhaps in the future, Italians will still be able to receive compensation for the atrocities of Moroccan soldiers, who have brought a lot of misfortunes, shame and humiliation to their state.

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