Interesting facts about Walter Scott

Interesting facts about Walter Scott - This is an opportunity to penetrate the essence of British literature of the 19th century. This Scottish writer left a significant mark in the history of world literature. His works are studied in many countries of the world.

We bring to your attention the most interesting facts from the life of Walter Scott.

17 interesting facts about Walter Scott

  1. Walter Scott is considered the forefather of a historical novel.
  2. Scott's parents had 13 children, including himself, but only six of them survived.
  3. During the years of his life, Walter Scott wrote 9 poems, 28 novels and many essays and articles.
  4. An interesting fact is that the writer received most of his accumulated knowledge not at school, but through self-education. Possessing a phenomenal memory, he memorized huge amounts of information. Due to this, he did not need to study any materials before writing his works.
  5. In infancy, Walter Scott was partially paralyzed, as a result of which his limb became almost motionless. In this regard, he was limping to the right foot to the end of his life.
  6. Did you know that in childhood, Walter most often studied ancient literature. Later he became interested in the works of German poets, for the sake of which he even learned German in order to read original works.
  7. At the age of 42, Scott published his first historical novel.
  8. Very few people know the fact that the author of the word "freelancer" is Walter Scott. For the first time he used it in one of his works to designate a civilian soldier.
  9. While studying at school, Walter Scott formed a poetic community.
  10. Curiously, the inspiration for Scott was traveling to his native Scotland. In particular, he wrote down folk tales and legends heard from compatriots.
  11. Despite the lameness that caused him inconvenience, Walter paid great attention to the sport. Moreover, he even became a good climber, having conquered more than one mountain peak.
  12. An interesting fact is that Scott published all his novels incognito, which was revealed only 5 years before the death of the writer.
  13. Walter Scott was a big lover of history. He was fond of various archaeological finds and even had a small collection of various artifacts.
  14. In the Scott collection was a strand of Napoleon Bonaparte's hair (see interesting facts about Napoleon).
  15. Walter Scott praised the work of Jane Austen, who at that time did not have much popularity in society.
  16. In 1971, the 200th anniversary of the birth of Walter Scott in Britain issued a postage stamp.
  17. Surprisingly, Mark Twain spoke negatively about the work of Scott (see interesting facts about Mark Twain).

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