Interesting facts about Kazakhstan

Interesting facts about Kazakhstan - This is a great opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of the peoples living on the Eurasian continent. This country is known for its rich history and unusual sights.

Today, Kazakhstan is a member of the Eurasian Economic Union. Below we consider the most interesting facts about the Republic of Kazakhstan.

16 interesting facts about Kazakhstan

  1. On March 21, 2019, the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, was renamed Nur-Sultan. At the same time, residents did not need to change documents due to the change of the name of the city.
  2. The state occupies the 9th place in the world by territory.
  3. Kazakhstan is the largest country on earth without access to the oceans.
  4. An interesting fact is that the Kazakh city of Baikonur, where space rocket launches are taking place, is rented by Russia until 2050.
  5. Tenge - the name of the national Kazakh volutes. The provision for 2019 approximately 380 tenge is equivalent to 1 US dollar.
  6. Did you know that flamingos fly periodically to Kurgaldzhinsky Nature Reserve?
  7. Among the 195 countries in terms of population density, Kazakhstan ranks 184th in the ranking. Here for 1 km ² lives less than 7 people.
  8. It is curious that one half of the Kazakh lake Balkhash consists of fresh water, and the second one is salty.
  9. According to scientists, the ancestors of the Kazakhs were the first to manage to ride horses.
  10. An interesting fact is that more than 130 representatives of different nationalities live in Kazakhstan.
  11. The homeland of apples and tulips is Kazakhstan (see interesting facts about tulips).
  12. The border between the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan is considered the longest land border on the planet.
  13. In different periods of history in Kazakhstan, Arabic, Latin and Cyrillic alphabets were used.
  14. Did you know that in the vast Kazakh expanses you can often meet wild camels and horses?
  15. The basis of the Kazakh cuisine is meat dishes.
  16. The previous head of state, Nursultan Nazarbayev, is the record for the length of his presidency in the entire post-Soviet space - 29 years, 8 months and 26 days.

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