Interesting facts about Jerusalem

Interesting facts about Jerusalem - This is a great opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of the Middle East. This city is sacred at once for 3 world religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Millions of tourists come here every year to see the religious and architectural sights.

We offer you the most interesting facts about Jerusalem.

18 interesting facts about Jerusalem

  1. Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities on the planet. It was founded 6 thousand years ago.
  2. More than 3 thousand years ago, Jerusalem was proclaimed the capital of the kingdom of Israel.
  3. Jerusalem is home to the famous Israel Museum, which annually receives over a million visitors.
  4. An interesting fact is that in the period 1948-1967. part of the city was part of Jordan.
  5. Jerusalem twice completely destroyed, and passed from hand to hand as much as 44 times.
  6. It is curious that 36% of the Jerusalem population are citizens under the age of 18 years.
  7. The UN does not recognize the legitimacy of Israeli authority over the entire territory of Jerusalem, and therefore does not consider the city as the capital of the country.
  8. Did you know that the Old City - the oldest region of Jerusalem, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List?
  9. The famous Church of the Holy Sepulcher simultaneously belongs to 6 different Christian denominations. An interesting fact is that any changes in the temple can occur only by mutual agreement of all 6 churches.
  10. Since conflicts often occur between representatives of these denominations, the keys to the gates of the temple are kept in the Arab-Muslim family of Jaud Al Gadiya.
  11. Jerusalem is the most expensive cemetery on the planet. The burial place here is worth millions of US dollars.
  12. Jerusalem is one of the male names that can be found in Israel.
  13. On the emblem of the capital is written its name in Hebrew.
  14. Jerusalem syndrome is a rare mental disorder, a type of delirium of greatness and delirium of messianism, in which a person who has arrived in Jerusalem may feel like a prophet, savior of the world or biblical character. Such a phenomenon is regarded as psychosis and leads to compulsory treatment in a mental hospital.
  15. In the local Botanical Garden you can see about 10,000 species of plants.
  16. In winter, Jerusalem periodically snow falls, but as a rule it melts quickly.
  17. The city has built a large number of Christian, Jewish and Muslim religious buildings.
  18. Despite the fact that there are many representatives of different religions and nationalities, in general, Jerusalem is a very quiet and safe city.

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