Interesting Shark Facts

Interesting Shark Facts - This is a great opportunity to learn more about these major marine inhabitants. Almost all species of sharks are predators that feed on fish, carrion and small marine mammals.

Many people associate sharks with ruthless killer fish, but not all species of these creatures are dangerous to humans.

30 interesting facts about sharks

  1. The mako shark can reach speeds of up to 50 km / h.
  2. Many species of sharks never sleep, because their gills can receive oxygen from water only during movement. Therefore, if they fall asleep, they will simply suffocate.
  3. In Iceland (see interesting facts about Iceland), the Greenland shark, swimming at a speed of less than 3 km / h, is considered an exquisite delicacy.
  4. Do you know that sharks are not in pain?
  5. Although sharks have eyelids, they never close their eyes.
  6. It is curious that the Earth’s magnetic field acts as a kind of “compass” for sharks.
  7. Predators are able to smell the blood in a ratio of 1: 1 000 000, which is comparable with one teaspoon of blood per medium pool.
  8. An interesting fact is that shark eyes are able to catch almost 2 times more frames per second than human eyes.
  9. But sharks are heard twice as bad as people.
  10. The whale shark is the largest fish, whose body reaches a length of 20 m.
  11. The white shark has such powerful jaws and teeth that it can bite metal armature up to 2 cm thick.
  12. Sometimes white sharks swim even in the Black Sea (see interesting facts about the Black Sea).
  13. Although the white shark is a formidable predator, it loses in combat with the killer whale.
  14. An adult white shark eats about a ton of food each month.
  15. Did you know that white sharks can only live free? In captivity, they refuse food, preferring to die from hunger.
  16. An interesting fact is that tiger sharks also attack inedible objects. For example, even wooden barrels were found in their stomachs.
  17. The situation today is known about 526 species of sharks.
  18. Portuguese sharks met at a depth of 3700 m.
  19. It is curious that most often people are attacked not by white sharks, but by blunt-navy.
  20. The number of teeth in different types of sharks ranges from 30 to 15,000 units.
  21. If necessary, the tiger shark can break the teeth of an adult turtle with its teeth.
  22. The great white shark can jump out of the water to a height of 3 meters.
  23. An interesting fact is that the largest shark, the whale shark, has the smallest teeth that are only 6 mm long.
  24. Polar and spotted prickly sharks can live up to 100 years, whereas the average lifespan of their relatives is three times less.
  25. Some predator species use their teeth to communicate.
  26. The angel shark is so flat that it looks something like a flounder.
  27. Did you know that northern sharks often hunt gulls? To do this, they jump out of the water and immediately pounce on the birds.
  28. Among the hundreds of species of sharks, only 4 of them represent a real threat to human life: white, tiger, blunt and long-winged.
  29. It is curious that the annual number of drowned people in America is more than 3000 people, while the death toll from sharks is only 1.
  30. To date, not a single means has been invented for reliably scaring off these predators.

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