Interesting facts about Egypt

Interesting facts about Egypt will acquaint you with the history and traditions of this ancient state. Ancient Egypt was once a highly developed civilization that has a great influence on the whole world. It is here that the Great Pyramids were built at Giza and many other outstanding buildings.

So, before you the most interesting facts about Egypt.

24 interesting facts about Egypt

  1. The territory of Egypt is located immediately on 2 continents - Africa and Asia.
  2. In Cairo, the capital of Egypt, so many people live that the authorities plan to rebuild a developed city to make it the new capital of the state.
  3. The Red Sea, washing the coast of Egypt, is considered the warmest on Earth.
  4. An interesting fact is that 98% of the Egyptian population are Arabs and only 2% are from other nationalities.
  5. Since most Egyptians practice Islam (90%), polygamy is allowed in the country.
  6. In the capital of Egypt there is a street, named after the Kazakh poet Abay Kunanbayev.
  7. Did you know that there is only one river on the territory of Egypt - the Nile.
  8. Few people know that the Nile is not the longest river in the world. Today, the palm belongs to the Amazon.
  9. About 95% of all Egyptian territory is occupied by deserts.
  10. Cosmetics in this country are used by both women and men.
  11. You might be surprised, but there are no doors in Egyptian buses.
  12. An interesting fact is that, according to a number of experts, the ancient Egyptian writing is one of the oldest in the world.
  13. Egypt is a leader in the consumption of bakery products.
  14. It turns out that it was the ancient Egyptians who learned how to make soap, cement and glass.
  15. It is curious that in Egypt you can find a lot of houses with an unfinished roof. And all because of the unfinished house citizens are exempt from property taxes.
  16. The ancient Egyptian alphabet consisted of approximately 700 hieroglyphs.
  17. The world famous pyramid of Cheops is the only one of the 7 wonders of the world that has survived to this day.
  18. The famous Egyptian Sphinx lost its nose in 1798. Napoleon personally gave the order to shoot the face of the statue with cannons, because he did not like the look of the Sphinx.
  19. An interesting fact is that it is forbidden for Egyptian women to marry foreigners.
  20. In Egypt, it is not customary to hug in public places, as this is considered a move.
  21. Egyptology is a science that studies the culture, language and history of ancient Egypt.
  22. The most popular drink in ancient Egypt was beer.
  23. How much a conscript will serve in the army directly depends on his education.
  24. Meat in Egypt is worth a lot of money as a result of which it appears on the tables of ordinary Egyptians only on holidays.

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