Interesting facts about European countries

Interesting facts about European countries will surprise many fans of geography. In this collection will be collected the most interesting facts about the history, traditions, architectural and natural monuments of European countries.

19 interesting facts about European countries

  1. European civilization dates back to ancient Greece. It was the Greeks who separated Europe from Asia, making it part of the world.
  2. First and Second World War began in Europe.
  3. The area of ​​Europe reaches approximately 10 million km², with a population of 750 million people.
  4. An interesting fact is that the most visited European place is Disneyland Prague.
  5. In Bosnia, there is one of the last tropical forests called Perucian.
  6. Russia occupies about 40% of the European area, although only 23% of the total territory of this country is spread here.
  7. Did you know that the oldest state in Europe is Bulgaria? In addition, the country has not changed its name since its formation in 681 AD.
  8. There are no mosquitoes in Iceland. This is probably the best place for a summer holiday (see interesting facts about Iceland).
  9. As part of Europe is the largest island on the planet - Greenland.
  10. The smallest European country is the Vatican, located inside Rome. The area of ​​this dwarf conclave state is only 0.44 km².
  11. An interesting fact is that in Austria and Germany, both men and women do not visit baths separately, but together. The strong and weaker floor feel quite comfortable together, without experiencing any constraints. So if you like exotic, go to these countries.
  12. In the German city of Freiburg there is an ecologically clean area. Its inhabitants do not drive up home by car, but leave them outside the city. As a result, the value of real estate here is unusually high.
  13. It is curious that in German Hamburg there are the largest number of bridges - up to 2500 units! This is more than the total number of bridges in Amsterdam, St. Petersburg and Venice (see interesting facts about Venice).
  14. The Czech presidential residence is the largest in Europe.
  15. Mount Mont Blanc, located in the Western Alps, is the highest point in Europe.
  16. An interesting fact is that the Greek anthem has more than 150 varieties of performance.
  17. According to the UN report, it is the Danes and Norwegians who feel the happiest people on the planet.
  18. Did you know that in the Norwegian city of Longyearbyen people are forbidden to die at home? And all because of the frozen soil of the dead is difficult to land. As a result, the "violators" are buried in the southern part of the country.
  19. The Volga is the longest river in Europe. It mainly flows on the territory of the European part of the Russian Federation.

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