Interesting facts about Brodsky

Interesting facts about Brodsky - This is a great opportunity to learn about the features of Soviet poetry. For his work the poet was subjected to harsh persecution, both from the leadership of the USSR and from his colleagues in the workshop.

Endless prosecutions, trials, and exile forced Joseph Alexandrovich to emigrate to the United States. In this country, he was able to fully realize his talent and gain world fame.

So, before you the most interesting facts about Joseph Brodsky.

17 interesting facts about Brodsky

  1. In early childhood, Joseph and his mother survived all the horrors of the blockade of Leningrad, where the Brodsky family lived.
  2. After graduating from 7 classes, the future poet dropped out of school and began to work at the factory as a milling machine operator. This decision was associated with problems at school and the desire to help the family financially.
  3. At the age of 16, Brodsky intended to link his life with medicine. However, after working for about a month in the morgue, he changed his mind about studying for a doctor.
  4. An interesting fact is that at one time Joseph Brodsky wanted to become a submariner, but failing the entrance tests did not reach his goal.
  5. In his youth, Brodsky changed quite a few professions, having managed to work as a stoker in a boiler room and a sailor at a lighthouse.
  6. In 1960, 20-year-old Joseph Brodsky first performed on the big stage, after reading his verse "Jewish Cemetery" before the audience. After that, a big scandal broke out that led to the first problems with the authorities.

    Brodsky with his wife Maria Sozzanni and son

  7. In the period of life 1957-1961. Brodsky was a member of a number of geological expeditions. He visited the White Sea, Northern Yakutia and Eastern Siberia (see interesting facts about Eastern Siberia). During a forced break in one Yakut village, Joseph suffered a nervous breakdown, as a result of which the expedition leaders allowed him to return home.
  8. Did you know that Brodsky and his friend were planning to hijack a plane in order to fly abroad on it? However, when his friend was arrested for possession of weapons, he told the law enforcement agency about this plan, not forgetting to mention Joseph. As a result, the poet was detained by KGB officers, but later released.
  9. Brodsky read a lot, and also independently studied English and Polish.
  10. According to Brodsky, he became interested in writing at the age of 18, but today you can find some works dating from earlier years.
  11. "The Ballad of the Little Tug" was the first Brodsky's poem published.
  12. In 1963, Joseph Brodsky tried to commit suicide because of harsh criticism of his works and parting with his girlfriend.
  13. A year later, Brodsky was detained on charges of parasitism. Being in prison, he first had heart problems. The court sent the guy for examination in a psychiatric hospital, where the poet, he said, spent the three worst weeks in his life.
  14. An interesting fact is that doctors diagnosed Brodsky mental disorder, but recognized him as able-bodied. In this regard, the writer was sent to the reference to the settlement near Arkhangelsk.
  15. After a year and a half in exile, the court allowed Brodsky to return home. The decision of the court was influenced by the pressure of the literary community, including Jean-Paul Sartre.
  16. Did you know that after emigrating to the USA, Brodsky taught for 24 years in 6 American and British universities? The most interesting thing is that he did not even have completed school education.
  17. In 1987, Joseph Brodsky was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. After 2 years, his poetry collections began to actively publish in the USSR. The Soviet authorities repeatedly invited Brodsky to return home, but the poet lived in the USA until the end of his life.

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