Interesting facts about Beethoven

Interesting facts about Beethoven - this is a great opportunity to learn how classical music was created in the genres of romanticism and classicism. The works of Beethoven are among the most performed compositions on the planet.

Ludwig van Beethoven wrote in all musical directions known at that time. We bring to your attention the most interesting facts from the life of Beethoven.

16 interesting facts about Beethoven

  1. The works of Beethoven had a great influence on the symphonism of the 19th and 20th centuries.
  2. The love of music in Beethoven developed thanks to his father, who in every way sought to develop talent with his son. Something similar was observed in the childhood of Wolfgang Mozart (see the interesting facts about Mozart).
  3. At an early age, Beethoven mastered playing the harpsichord and violin.
  4. Ludwig never bothered his appearance. As a result, he often appeared in society in a messy form.
  5. An interesting fact is that once Beethoven stopped his concert after some viewers began to communicate with each other. Then he even called these people pigs.
  6. At the first meeting with Empress Beethoven, instead of a low bow in front of her, he barely touched his headdress.
  7. It was difficult for Beethoven to do mathematics, in particular, the multiplication of numbers and numbers.
  8. There is a case when the composer refused to speak in front of the guests of the prince who lived in a luxurious mansion. When, in protest, Ludwig closed in one of the rooms, the prince asked the servant to break down the doors. As a result, Beethoven with the scandal withdrew from the estate, having managed to say that there are many princes, and Beethoven is only on the ground.
  9. An interesting fact is that for making coffee, Beethoven always used exactly 64 grains.
  10. Beethoven completely lost his hearing at the age of 27 years. Nevertheless, he continued to compose music, creating many brilliant works.
  11. There were quite a few women in the musician’s life, but he never legitimized relationships with any of them. In addition, Beethoven did not leave behind descendants.
  12. An interesting fact is that Beethoven was a supporter of the Great French Revolution. However, when Napoleon decided to declare himself emperor, he was very disappointed in this man.
  13. Having deafened, the composer communicated with interlocutors with the help of a notebook. After reading the notes, from responded to people out loud.
  14. Did you know that Beethoven wrote his most popular works while he was already deaf?
  15. Disputes about the true date of birth of the genius musician are still being made today.
  16. During his life, Ludwig van Beethoven composed only one opera, Fidelio.

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