Interesting facts about horses

Interesting facts about horses - this is a great opportunity to learn more about the life and habits of these wonderful animals. They personify strength, grace and speed, causing admiration even among those who are indifferent to the beautiful.

So, before you the most interesting facts about horses.

12 interesting facts about horses

  1. If scientists are to be believed, for the first time in the world horses were tamed on the territory of modern Kazakhstan (see the interesting facts about Kazakhstan).
  2. Before the invention of steam and electric motors, horses performed most of the mechanical work.
  3. An interesting fact is that horses are the only species from the equine equestrian family.
  4. The height at the withers of the smallest horse on earth is less than 45 cm.
  5. On average, horses live up to 30 years.
  6. Do you know why car engine power is measured in horsepower? It turns out that when James Watt invented the steam engine, to demonstrate its capabilities, he was forced to compare the power of the new device with the horse power. As a result, a non-system power unit was introduced - horsepower.
  7. Horses can determine a person’s emotions by his voice and manner of speaking.
  8. In more than 20 different nations, the horse is a sacred animal.
  9. The situation today, in the world, there are about 60 million horses, including wild.
  10. An interesting fact is that horses are able to recognize their kin on images.
  11. Horses have a great memory. They can remember their offenders for a lifetime, as, incidentally, friends.
  12. The highest jump of a horse with a rider was officially registered in 1949. Its height was 247 cm. In fact, this is the height of an ordinary garage.

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