Adolf Gitler

Adolf Hitler is a German politician, founder and central figure of National Socialism, founder of the totalitarian dictatorship of the Third Reich, head of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, German Chancellor and Führer, supreme commander of the German armed forces in World War II.

What should teach a child to 6 years

Each stage of growing up of a child is accompanied by the appearance of new skills, knowledge and skills. We bring to your attention a reminder card for parents, which will tell you in detail what a child should be taught by the age of 6 years. In general, the heading "Family and comfort" will be useful for any couple. After all, to create a good atmosphere in your home, you need to constantly learn.

Photo Rudenko

Photos of Anatoly Rudenko are very popular today. After all, this actor, despite his youth, managed to play a fairly large number of films and TV shows. This post contains only photos of Rudenko, but we told about the life of the artist in another article. Judging by the biography of Anatoly Rudenko, he is an extremely talented and capable actor.

Battle of Poltava

The Battle of Poltava is the largest general battle of the Northern War between Russian troops commanded by Peter 1 and the Swedish army of Charles 12. It is in this connection that July 10 is the Day of Military Glory of Russia - Victory Day of the Russian Army commanded by Peter the First over the Swedes in the Battle of Poltava.

Interesting facts about Azerbaijan

Interesting facts about Azerbaijan will allow you to learn about the features of this country, located in the east of Transcaucasia. Residents of Azerbaijan are distinguished by hospitality and hard work, thanks to which rich harvests are harvested each year. So, before you are the most interesting facts about the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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Vera Bahankova

Vera Bakhankova is a Russian film and theater actress. The greatest popularity of her brought such paintings as "Nanolyubov", "Gordian knot" and "Lace." Childhood and youth Vera Pavlovna Bakhankova was born on June 8, 1989 in Minsk. She has a twin sister named Love. Parents of the future actress had no relation to art.

Interesting facts about birds

There are many different types of birds in the world. They live in different parts of our planet and are distinguished by the most extraordinary properties. Birds not only delight people with their presence, but also play an important role in the ecosystem. In principle, like all representatives of the animal world. This collection contains the most interesting facts about birds.

Paintings by Leonardo da Vinci

Paintings by Leonardo da Vinci are still in great demand. After all, the genius of Leonardo is not only a great scientist, researcher and thinker, but also an amazing painter. Art in the life of Leonardo da Vinci was manifested not only in paintings, which, by the way, he wrote for a very long time. In his heritage, we find many of the most versatile hobbies, one way or another connected with art.


The more wars occur in the world, the more often the word "pacifist" can be heard. But not everyone knows who the pacifists are. In the broad sense of the word, a pacifist is a person who opposes war in any of its manifestations, and is always on the side of peace. If you refer to the dictionaries and precise definitions of terms, it will look like this.

Biography of Boris Titov

Boris Yuryevich Titov is a famous politician authorized by the President of the Russian Federation for the rights of entrepreneurs. He is a successful businessman with a capital of more than 1 billion dollars, who has an interest in oil business and wine production. In the course of reading his biography, you will be able to understand how Titov came to ensure that from the business world go into politics, and more.

Emperor Heliogabal

If you want to know interesting historical facts about the Roman emperor Heliogabal, then you are at. Immediately I must say that this is perhaps one of the most insane emperors of ancient Rome. The life of the emperor Geliogabala Our hero was born from a Syrian aristocratic family of the Northern dynasty.

Reasons for the failures

What are the reasons for our failures, and is there a clear answer to this question? Why psychology still can not with an absolute guarantee say that the reasons for the failures only in the absence of motivation? We offer you a brief guide that will help to deal with this problem and it is clear that the habit of postponing for later is one of the most destructive phenomena in the process of personal development.

Anna Astrakhantseva

Anna Astrakhantseva - Russian theater and film actress. The greatest popularity of her brought the painting "Anna Karenina", "Two Women" and "Garden". Childhood and youth Anna Vartanyan (Astrakhantseva) was born on August 26, 1973 in Saratov. Her father, Mikhail Vartanyan, was a doctor, and also seriously fond of art.

Top 5 animals to treat

It's no secret that some animals have unique abilities. In nature, a lot of things are still not clear to scientists, and you have to be content with only conjectures. If you like interesting facts about animals, then we offer you a wonderful selection of amazing abilities of our smaller brothers.

Interesting facts about China

Interesting facts about China have always attracted the attention of curious people. After all, China has one of the oldest stories in the world, which is full of unusual events, discoveries and inventions. Today, China occupies one of the leading places among the countries of the world, both politically and economically.

Photo by Igor Nikolayev

Photos by Igor Nikolayev are of great interest for Russian pop music lovers. After all, this gifted man did a lot for her. We wrote in more detail about the personal life and professional achievements of the composer, singer, musician and songwriter in the biography of Nikolayev. In this post will be only his photo.

Maxim Chernyavsky

Maxim Chernyavsky is a Russian businessman. The greatest popularity brought him to participate in the TV show "Bachelor". Childhood and youth Maxim Chernyavsky was born on August 30, 1986 in Kiev. For a long time, his father was a soldier, but then he became interested in business. After some time he managed to become a successful businessman, thanks to which the Chernyavskikh family significantly improved their financial situation.