Funny pictures with inscriptions (20 pcs.)

We offer you a new selection of funny pictures with inscriptions. In total, we collected 20 pieces. But here it should be emphasized that what matters to us is not the quantity, but the quality of the humor of each picture. If you like a particular card - hover the cursor on it, and in the pop-up menu, select a social network.

Dedicated to all husbands

Just read these lines to your beloved. Good mood you will certainly ensured! *** With a face exhausted and gray, On a white crumpled sheet, As a victim of rabid cholera, Lying his knees against the wall. Long groaning, as in childbirth, Shaking a thermometer in his hands, All the grief of the Jewish people, Hardened in constricted pupils.

Biography Tsoi

Viktor Tsoi is a cult Soviet rock musician and leader of the legendary group "Kino". He managed to make a huge contribution to the development of Russian rock. In addition, he was an artist and actor. In 1986, at the Golden Duke Film Festival, Tsoi was awarded the title of Best Actor of the Year. Biography of Viktor Tsoi is different from other biographies by the fact that the musician died very early - at the age of 28 years.

World record for breath holding

The world record for breath holding is increasing every year. Thanks to special training, athletes show phenomenal results in freediving, a discipline for holding breath under water. Below we look at world records of freedivers. Some of them will simply amaze you, as they border on fiction.

Interesting facts about Mayakovsky

Interesting facts about Mayakovsky will tell you about the achievements and personality traits of one of the most prominent Soviet poets. During his short life he was able to make a significant contribution to Russian poetry. His famous poems, written by the "ladder", are included in the school curriculum in many countries of the world. 18 interesting facts about Mayakovsky Mayakovsky had 2 sisters and 2 brothers, but both boys died in childhood.

Laws of life

Surely everyone had the opportunity to see how the laws of life work. Of course, they all have very conventional names. However, this does not detract from them, and their one hundred percent performance has been confirmed many times. Not only lovers of psychology, but also all those who are fond of personal development will be able to gather a lot of useful information from this post.

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Chernobyl accident

The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is the largest in the history of nuclear energy. It led to a serious environmental catastrophe and became an event of great social and political significance for the USSR. It is possible that Chernobyl largely predetermined the subsequent collapse of the USSR. Many people have become victims of this terrible accident, the consequences of which are palpable today.

Biography of Igor Nikolayev

Igor Yuryevich Nikolaev is a Soviet and Russian composer, singer, musician, songwriter, and producer. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Over the years of his biography, he managed to write many hits, including Dolphin and Mermaid, Taxi, Taxi, Five Reasons, Raspberry Wine and many others. So, before you is a short biography of Igor Nikolaev.

10 books for the development of intelligence

Unfortunately, every year people gradually degrade in terms of intellectual development. This is noticeable even with the naked eye, not to mention the numerous studies of scientists who are observing the universal “dullness” of humanity. Books today are not in fashion. Moreover, we are adversely affected by television, modern music, computer games, gadgets and a host of other things.

What is cosplay

Want to know what is cosplay? Well, then this note is for you! Cosplay (from Jap. Kosupure, abbr. From English. Costume play - "costume game") is a hobby, such as a masquerade, when people dress up in costumes of famous cartoon characters and games, anime and movies, books, legends, etc. It is safe to say that modern cosplay is a full-fledged subculture with its own unwritten rules, practices and traditions.

Sights of Yaroslavl

The sights of Yaroslavl will amaze anyone with its beauty. No wonder this city is part of the famous route of the Golden Ring of Russia. In 2005, the city center became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Architectural sights of Yaroslavl began to actively appear in the 17th century. In addition to buildings in the city you can see a lot of beautiful landscapes and parks for recreation.

Antonyms in English

Antonyms in the English language - this is what is desirable, and even need to know everyone who learns English. The fact is that such collections simplify the memorization of English words, structuring them into semantic blocks. In this case, they are English antonyms. Of course, there are not so many of them here, but the most popular ones seem to be collected.

Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann - French football player, forward of the club "Atletico Madrid" and the French team. Silver medalist of the European Championship 2016, as well as the world champion 2018. In 2016, Griezmann was recognized as the best player in La Liga. In the same year, he was named the best player in Euro 2016. In 2018, in the Atletico Madrid, became the champion of the Europa League.

Olga Litvinova

Olga Litvinova - Russian theater and film actress. She became famous for her roles in the films “Crew” and “Snoop-3”. Olga Litvinova is a leading artist of the Moscow Art Theater and the leading role in the comedy detective story "Double Loss". In this article we will talk about the features of her biography, and her creative achievements.

Interesting facts about North America

The interesting facts about North America presented in this article will concern its inhabitants, attractions and geographical features. North America is a huge continent, occupied mainly by two states - the United States and Canada. In addition, the mainland has a unique variety of flora and fauna.

Ilya Medvedev

Ilya Medvedev is the son of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Childhood and youth Ilya Dmitrievich Medvedev was born on August 3, 1995 in St. Petersburg. At that time, his father, Dmitry Medvedev, worked as a teacher at St. Petersburg State University and was the director of the Ilim Pulp Enterprise Corporation for legal issues.

Yazykov biography

Nikolay Yazykov is a Russian poet of the Romantic era. He is one of the most prominent representatives of the golden age of Russian poetry. Gogol called him a favorite poet. There are many interesting events in Yazykov’s biography. During his short life, and he lived only 43 years, he managed to capture his name in the history of Russian literature forever.

Lateral thinking

In psychology, there is such a thing as lateral thinking. What it is and how it works, we will tell in this article. Lateral (lat. Lateralis - lateral) means lateral or offset. Thus, lateral thinking is shifted thinking, redirected, relative to traditional thinking.